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Why Ukrainian Village Is The Hottest Neighborhood In Chicago

Why Ukrainian Village Is The Hottest Neighborhood In Chicago

If you’re trying to pick a Chicago neighborhood for your next home, Ukrainian Village should be on your radar. After all, it was recently named the hottest neighborhood in the nation (yes, the entire country) by Redfin, a national real estate brokerage firm.

So, what could possibly qualify this relatively small West Town Chicago neighborhood to be named the hottest in the country?

While it might not be as well known as its more popular neighboring areas like Wicker Park or Bucktown, Ukrainian Village is slowly but surely becoming a destination of its own. It boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Also, it has recently seen an influx of trendy shops, new commercial developments, and a bustling restaurant and nightlife scene.

As a result, the neighborhood has been attracting a diverse crowd. Along with the Ukrainian-American community, there are hipsters, young families, and professionals. This diverse mix gives the neighborhood an exciting and eclectic vibe.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that make Ukrainian Village the hottest neighborhood not only in Chicago but one of the top choices in the nation.

Affordability And Safety

Ukrainian Village is surrounded by some of the popular neighborhoods in Chicago, like Wicker Park and Bucktown. It’s also close to West Loop, which has been exploding recently, helped in part by a new Google campus there.

Ukrainian Village is close to all of these spots, but it’s not as crowded or as expensive. That makes it a great choice for a lot of people that want easy access to places like West Loop and Wicker Park, but don’t want to pay astronomical prices.

There certainly are expensive high-end choices available in Ukrainian Village, but one can also find affordable housing. A lot of the older buildings that are located there can be good options for people looking to save on rent.

On top of being affordable, Ukrainian Village is a safe neighborhood, making it ideal for parents with young children. As with anywhere in a big city, one needs to be aware of their surroundings, but the area consistently ranks well for low crime rates in Chicago.

Bars And Restaurants

Ukrainian Village offers a wide range of choices of dining and nightlife for different tastes and budgets. Most of the bars and restaurants can be found on or along Chicago Ave.

If Italian is your style, there’s the fine dining option of A Tavola, which is an intimate dining experience. For a more casual experience, you can just grab a few slices at Roots Handmade Pizza, which is highly rated by Zagat.

Of course, this being Ukrainian Village, you’ll find some of the best Ukrainian restaurants in the city. For traditional Ukrainian dishes and authentic experiences, check out Old Lviv or Tryzoub Kitchen. There’s also Ann’s Bakery and Deli, providing the Ukrainian community with ethnic bread and pastries.

If you’d rather cook at home, Mariano’s grocery store will provide you with pretty much anything you need to whip up some tasty dishes.

When it’s time for a drink, you can find pretty much everything from sports bars to craft cocktail lounges in Ukrainian Village.

Modern Living Mixed With Old World Charm

Ukrainian Village might be the hottest neighborhood in tow, but it certainly isn’t about to abandon its past. One of the things that make this neighborhood unique is that is officially declared as a landmark district in Chicago. This helps preserve some of the old building from the early 1900s, adding a unique charm and giving people a glimpse into the past.

Of course, modern developments are being added to the neighborhood as well, along with trendy shops and hipster cafes. All of it results in a vibrant community giving the the residents and visitors a lot of options to choose from.

If you’d like to make Ukrainian Village your home before the prices catch up to the likes of Wicker Park and West Loop, you can learn more about the Ukrainian Village real estate market to see what’s available today.

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